About Paige Walker

My Story & My Vision

Paige grew up in a small town in Northern California. She moved south to attend school at the University of San Diego and compete as a Division 1 athlete on the women’s rowing team. 

After graduation, Paige pursued a career in finance at a well known investment firm. She discovered the ability to combine education and altruism regarding financial health, and enjoyed leading investors to confidence and independence through her work. 

After five years, Paige decided to team up with Sarah to launch Hamilton Walker Advisers in hopes to create a new financial planning experience, prioritizing relationships and education first.

Paige is happiest when she makes her parents proud. When she isn’t working, she can be found on a yoga mat or a rock climbing wall. Her goal is to one day possess a well-trodden passport. 

She shares a home with her fiancé, Michael, and her dog Gruner.