Giving Tuesday

I personally love Giving Tuesday because it puts the spotlight on organizations that are left out of quarterly earnings calls: nonprofits. It is not always easy making a list of nonprofits to donate to. In the theme of giving back this Tuesday I want to provide some helpful tips.

Often, there is hesitation when making gifts to charities because we don’t know where to give or assume the amount is not significant enough — but what I love about numbers is that it is not about the amount that is given. What is more important is how many people participate. Give what feels right to you knowing that every dollar counts. If you are unsure how donations are used by a nonprofit, Charity Navigator, provides a means to vet the organizations you want to give to. Charity Navigator will provide trust ratings to ensure your donation is being used effectively.

Ways to Give

Did you know you can do gifting with the Amazon purchases you make year-round? This is by no means an endorsement of Amazon but when you shop at Smile.Amazon they will donate to your favorite charity with every purchase you make.

If you are struggling to exercise after a more sedentary lifestyle in the last few years, you are not alone. The good news is that you can give back and get moving by downloading either Charity Miles or Vizer apps.

To simplify your Holiday shopping, consider companies with charity as part of their mission. One Hope has given back $7.5m to date by making donations with every bottle purchased and hosting fundraisers to give nonprofits a voice.

Consider buying from companies embracing the concept of “one to love, one to give”. Bombas socks are the perfect holiday gift and for each pair you buy another pair is donated to homeless shelters. Toms shoes, Yoobi school supplies and Happy Blankie blankets will also donate products with your purchase.

When shopping for goods and services look for the ‘B Corp’ and ‘1% For The Planet’ logos. Did you know we are a ‘1% For The Planet’ member? That means 1% of our revenues go to organizations fighting climate change.

Lastly, find out if your donation could be tax deductible by ensuring that the organization is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)3. We are here to help advise you on any Donor Advised Fund donations or year-end charitable planning you have in mind.

“To someone with nothing, your something - means everything.” - Andrew Patterson of Ubuntu 365