Why SRI?

Hamilton Walker Advisers recognizes that many of our clients wish to align their values with their investment choices.

Sustainable Responsible Investing (formerly Socially Responsible Investing) or SRI was built on the notion one can both invest successfully while promoting positive environmental, social and economic impact. 

SRI allows for a portfolio to reflect one’s religious, moral, and ethical belief systems.

When considering your investment values think about the following considerations.

This will help you determine if the SRI way of investing is right for you!

  • Personal beliefs (i.e: religious, philosophical)
  • Social and political perspectives
  • Ethical issues and concerns
  • Energy and climate considerations
  • Philanthropic goals
  • Environmental thoughts/concerns
  • Lifestyle choices and beliefs (i.e: veganism)
  • Thoughts and feelings on current events

What is ESG?

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) investing is a way to vote with your dollars for companies who promote social welfare, sustainability of environmental resources, and corporate governance. 

We partner with the most innovative investment managers to build a portfolio with emphasis on individual components of ESG or a cross section of all three. 

Research demonstrates that ESG investing allows for the obvious positive contributions but also fuels more resilient financial markets, less portfolio risk, and superior risk adjusted returns.

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